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As the Development Manager of Beaufort Park (42 individual blocks of flats) we have continuously relied on Mara to provide a multitude of services.

We trialled them initially, and gradually, as they have persistently delivered, we have awarded more contracts and work to Mara.

We engage them on annual contracts as well as piecemeal works.  All of which are competitively priced.

No job is too small, from fixed a combi lock, up to doing large scale insurance redecorations.

We have entered into annual contracts for carpet cleaning, communal cleaning, bin chute maintenance and other items.

We have also instructed on works in the social housing elements of the development.

The staff are approachable and always available, making themselves our go-to contractor.  The ease of working with them, their response times are excellent, dealing with challenging residents and so on.

Nothing is ever too much trouble.

The standard of works are exceptional.  I can honestly say I haven’t had one complaint since instructing them on various items, and residents have equally gone out of their way to send me emails to send their praise, which, as I am sure most property management professionals know, if a rarity.

I honestly cannot write enough positive adjectives about the company, service and works that Mara provide us day in and day out.

They are just decent hardworking people and consistently go above on beyond.



Development Manager