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It was decided that we needed to change the lightning across our blocks and external areas, posing us with the problem of whether we keep the bulbs we presently had, or went with an LED upgrade and fitting.

After discussing with Mara, we decided that the best course of action was to go with the LED’s; even though the initial outlay would be more expensive than using a regular bulb, it was explained that over time the maintenance and energy output would be lower and we would see make this money back.

We started with replacing the emergency lighting on all of our common part floors, and installed new LED emergency Luminaries on the stairwells.

Finally, we have just completed the full car park and external lighting upgrade. This includes utilizing integral sensors in a section of the car park   lighting to enhance our energy savings further.

The project as a whole was successfully managed and completed within the agreed time scales and to the highest standard. We were periodically kept up to date by Mara with the progress and they have also provided a post-install support as regards to the lighting performance.


Solomon Drummond

Building Manager