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We were having issues with the cleanliness of our underground car park, due to building works still taking place and, the colour/finish of the flooring being of a light colour it proved quite difficult to maintain.

We contacted Mara to provide us with advice and a solution to this problem.

Following their detailed survey Mara recommended periodic cleans with their specialist team using the latest equipment and cleaning agents.

While the clean was taking place, I was kept informed daily by their team leader of their progress and any areas that proved difficult to clean, this helped me communicate back to my residents on the progress of the clean and assisting with the moving of vehicles.

Nevertheless, the car park has never been so clean and on time, Mara managed to get all the staining and engrained dirt out of all the surfaces.

It was down to this impressive performance that we contact Mara again to assist us on other duties around the development, from supplying our office stationary and janitorial supplies to providing our yardman and daily cleaning to our ‘Club’, which includes a gym, swimming pool, cinema room and virtual golf room.

Mara has now become my “go to” supplier for most of my requirements.


Rob Howell

Development Manager