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Service / Specialist Cleans

Sometimes more specialist cleans are required. From Pressure Washing to Car Park cleaning; Mara has a team of fast, friendly and efficient professionals to assist with the more complex tasks in keeping your buildings looking their best.

Using the latest technology and industrial machines available we can achieve cost effective, Eco-friendly cleans to the highest standard and offer the option of applying a protective coating to surfaces.

Our services include:

Pressure Washing

Our technicians provide solutions to all of your property’s exterior cleaning needs. Using pressure washing, we can remove dirt, grime, algae and stains from many different hard surfaces on both the floor and on walls.

Gum Removal

Chewing gum can be very unpleasant and difficult to remove from hard surfaces. Using high powered steam we can remove the gum leaving the surface restored. Depending on the surface being treated, we can lower the pressure where necessary so as not to damage the surrounding areas.

Graffiti Removal

Removing graffiti can present some unique challenges. The surface being treated and type of paint used will dictate the method that is required; for example Porous stone will need a different approach to removing paint from a metal sign. We use a combination of methods including speacialist agents, variable water pressure and steam cleaning to suit each particular need.

Car Park Cleaning 

Car parks are notoriously hard to maintain, due the nature of their frequent use. Similarly to other aspects of specialist cleans, the surface will often dictate the methods used. With unsealed floors first requiring dust to be extracted before the cleaning can commence; sealed floors on the other hand can be treated straight away with chemicals. We use a combination of pressure washing, specialist ride on machines and walk behind sweepers.

Each project undertaken is assigned a project manager, who will put a plan in place to ensure minimal disruption to you and your residents but maintaining a clean of the highest quality.