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We contacted Mara to see if they could assist with our growing requests for Electric Vehicle Charging Units from the residents. They came to site for an initial technical survey; where they identified if we had the appropriate power distribution for our units and the best locations in relation to our communal bays and our distribution board; allowing for us to get a competitive quote.

After we raised the WO the project moved forward very quickly and installation of the units only took 3 days to complete. Mara were also able to supply us with customised signage to mark the bays for the residents.

The new style of the Charging Units is a lot smaller than ones we previously looked at, making them more aesthetic and stand out less; but still delivering the same level of power and performance. This combined with the Smart Software and app helps make life a lot easier for our residents to activate and use the units; and also our staff for monitoring and billing purposes.

Due to the efficiency and the success of the installation process and more of our residents having Electric Vehicles, we are planning to use Mara to increase the number of units we have on site.


Abraham Mansaray

Development Manager