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The site enquired about upgrading the existing lighting to modern LEDs in one of the blocks as a cost-saving initiative. We contacted the Sales Director at Mara who carried out a site survey with their Lighting Consultant. A lot of in depth information was taken and we discussed our requirements at length.

Mara were efficient and professional and returned a week later to obtain more detail and to show a detailed projection using state-of-the-art software as to how the products we were looking at would compare in terms of energy saving, and to observe the visual effect of the footprint of each footing.

We discussed how we could keep “pooling” to a minimum and the best options for incorporating the Emergency Lighting in the design. By the end of the following week we had received excellent and balanced proposals for the block and an estimate for these works.

The Mara team had spent literally days preparing this information for us at zero cost.

Mara were instructed by us to proceed with the works and we were not disappointed. When the work had been completed the effect was exactly as the Lighting Consultant and his simulation had projected and likewise the energy saving proved to be accurate.

The residents now love the simple but luxurious look of their new lights; and the price was competitive, given that we had a solution tailored for our exact needs and not an off the shelf quick fix. Thank you Mara! I look forward to working with you on the other blocks!

Andrew Denney
Estates Manager