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Mara: Smart Solutions for 

Eco-Friendly Facilities

Simplify Your Building’s Care, Sustainably.

Imagine a place where every corner shines, not just from impeccable cleaning but from the knowledge that it’s all done with the Earth in mind. At Mara, we specialize in turning that vision into reality. From vibrant, clean windows to energy-efficient maintenance, we’re your one-stop provider for a greener facility.

Our Pledge for the Planet

Our heart beats green at Mara. By using electric vans, choosing earth-friendly products, and maintaining eco-conscious operations, we’re committed to preserving our world. We don’t just carry certifications; we lead with them. From Gold Investors in People to B-Corp, our accolades are more than badges — they’re our mission in action.

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Tailored Services, 
Tangible Benefits

Over 30 Years of Experience

We have amassed a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience that has formed the foundations on which company has been built. Knowledge of our industry, driving standards, innovation and delivery. Expertise, that provides us with necessary skills to work with businesses across sectors. Experience, that has consistently encountered and solved our clients’ problems for many years.

Customer Service

Our commitment to excellent customer service is highlighted in our core value of ‘saying what you do and doing what you say’. Qualified staff assisted by a rigorous quality management system ensure we offer our clients the highest quality of services and customer care.


We are conveying our sustainability and innovation ideas and processes to all our customers, suppliers and business partners. Our aim is to create a singularity of purpose, to combine our voices, our knowledge and our experience to promote the sole use of sustainable products and innovation throughout our industry.

Local Workforce

We have introduced Localised Hire policy with the aim of employing staff within the areas where services are required. We encourage all our staff to use public transport when travelling to and from their workplace.

Diversity and Inclusion

We pride ourselves on having a diverse workforce with people form over 10 different countries speaking 12 different languages. This is key to our business, with this mix of people, cultures, backgrounds, and experiences adding to the vast knowledge of a management team of similar diversity.

Living Wage

Mara is a registered Living Wage Company. Paying staff London Living Wage is a commitment and our clients are made aware of this. We regard the financial well-being of our employees as paramount and believe this leads to increased motivation and staff retention.

Staff Rewards and Recognition

Clear role responsibility and accountability, allows the company to continually monitor, assess and with interpersonal engagement create an environment where all staff are made to feel part of the whole and our company vision. This allows the company to recognise individuals with rewards and offer opportunities for further learning. The company offers all staff members a discount scheme and English lessons through an online provider.

Security Screening

All staff employed by the company undergo a rigorous vetting procedure in line with that required by law. We are happy to comply with additional security vetting processes where required.

Environment and Sustainability

The company has set a target of 2030 to reach net Zero.

Key areas:

  • Reduction of carbon emissions from transport and power.
  • Use natural non-toxic and bio-degradable cleaning products.
  • Use ‘Last Mile’ deliveries to reduce carbon emissions in the delivery process.
  • Eradicate non-sustainable waste and single use materials usage.
  • Enhance our buildings to meet the highest environmental standards.

Electric Vehicles

70% of our service division vehicles are electric. These vehicles are used by our mobile cleaning teams, and this will rise to 100% within 2 years. We encourage our partners to adopt a similar policy.

Sustainable Procurement

All cleaning products used by our operatives on contractual sites are plant-based products that do not harm the environment. Clients are made aware of this prior to the commencement of any cleaning contract. All paper products we use are FSC marked or 100% re-cycled. We are committed to minimising waste and achieving high recycling rates.

Sustainable Deliveries

We have partnered with a major distribution company for all our supply sales. Their delivery company is DPD who have an extensive electric vehicle fleet and are committed to 100% carbon neutral deliveries.

Sustainable Premises
The company has re-located its offices to a modern environmentally friendly building. Our landlord is committed to becoming a net zero carbon business by 2030 and annually sources 100% renewable energy through FY2030.

Why Sustainability
We believe there can be no healthy economy and society without a healthy natural environment. We are committed to the challenges of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

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