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Service / Waste Control

Refuse Removal

Mara provides collection services to remove a variety of waste, including general household, discarded furniture and electrical’s. Waste control is imperative to ensuring the smooth running of your buildings. We therefore offer emergency call outs as well a scheduled bookings for this service.

Every step of our waste disposal process is designed to be simple whilst also maintaining a high standard of care for the environment. We take care of your commercial or residential waste in a timely and professional way; so as to ensure minimal disruption to your site and an efficient and thorough removal of all waste.

In addition to our refuse removal service, we offer Bin & Chute Maintenance and repairs for your site; making sure your refuse chutes are compliant and in full working order.

Pest Control


Waste control is not an isolated issue. A build up of refuse on your site can lead to  development of an infestation of Pests. Mara’s pest control team are able to quickly get to the source of the problem; and while using safe, non-toxic methods, eradicate the problem.

The team not only offer help with solving your pest problem, but can also help you take steps to prevent the situation from occurring in the first place with Pest Proofing. We have an effective service for the treatment of:

| Rats | Birds | Spiders | Squirrels | Flies | Mice | Fleas | Bed bugs | Cockroaches | Wasps & Bees | Ants | Moths | Silverfish | Woodworm | 

Feminine Hygiene Services

Mara provide the very best sanitary protection for women. We have a range of ladies washroom products; that ensure we can offer your business a discrete and attractive solution for your feminine hygiene needs. Our modesty bag dispensers provide a hygienic method to dispense modesty bags for the disposal of sanitary napkins into our sanitary bins. And above all, our sanitary disposal services are discreet, hygienic and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.