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Service / Bin & Chute Maintenance

From repairs and cleaning to general bin and chute maintenance; Mara offer plans to best suit the requirements of your buildings.

With the ever increasing spot light and changes made to Fire Regulations and Health and Safety Law; it is even more important to ensure that your Bin Chutes are maintained on a regular basis. Often carrying large amounts of waste, these chutes can often incur blockages from waste accumulating on the side and foul smelling odours being emitted. This in turn can become a breeding ground for bacteria and encourage Pest infestations.

Using the latest technology available, our team are able to carry out extensive deep cleans to chutes of all heights for both residential and commercial properties; leaving them hygienic and smelling fresh!

Chute Cleaning is not the only service we offer for bin chutes. It is imperative to have the fire safety mechanisms serviced at regular intervals; so as to ensure that if required, they can function as designed. If maintenance is neglected, the fire closure plates at the bottom of the chute could fail to deploy effectively in the event of a fire.

Mara offer periodic maintenance plans for your chutes as well as emergency call outs for repairs.

From a hygiene and odour perspective; it is good practice to have your General  and Recycling Waste bins cleaned at regular intervals throughout the year. It is important to note that due to the nature of the clean, the waste water produced cannot be disposed of down regular drains.

Our efficient team with a purpose built truck can carry out these duties within the Environmental Agency’s Regulations; keeping both your bins and bin stores smelling fresh and clean.