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Benefits of “Going Green”

Doing the right thing for the planet is often better for your business. You may be able to reduce costs, provide low or no cost perks for your staff or customers and improve efficiency, all by going green. Here are 5 ways environmentally friendly choices are better for your business.

1. Reduce maintenance and energy costs

Low energy options, such as LED light bulbs and highly efficient appliances, sometimes have a higher start-up cost but many have dramatically reduced costs over the lifetime of the product. As an example, LED bulbs typically cost about 4 times as much as a comparable CFL bulb but last 4-8 times as long and use 75% of the energy. For a business, these small switches can have a big impact as small amounts multiply rapidly: e.g. saving on one bulb x 100-1,000 bulbs in your office x 10-16 hours per day x 360 days per year…

2. Create a better working environment

A more effective workforce will improve your sales but it’s hard to walk around an office with a stop watch and spot areas of wastage or problems as you could with a factory assembly line. The work environment is a big contributor to efficiency in white collar jobs, which is why companies like Google invest heavily in their buildings. Green choices, including making the most of natural light, using plants as décor and reducing paper usage can help reduce stress and improve productivity. Switching from conventional to green cleaning products can also create a more pleasant environment, and even reduce reactions and illness from the harsh chemicals in traditional cleaning products.

3. Low-cost green benefits for employees

Cycling to work reduces traffic congestion and pollution. It’s great exercise and for many people is a great way to start the day. By offering simple incentives to help your employees cycle to work, such as an on-site shower or participation in the Cycle to Work scheme, you can improve morale at little cost. Other low-cost green benefits for employees might include switching from paper to china coffee cups, installing a water fountain (perhaps with a filter) instead of providing bottled water, or subsidising eco-friendly meals in the canteen. By making it easy to go green, you’ll give your staff the boost of doing good with little effort.

4. Take advantage of government subsidies

From the Cycle to Work scheme mentioned above to subsidised solar panels, the government offers a wide range of subsidies, tax breaks and other incentives to encourage businesses and individuals to help save the planet. As an example, Mara Facilities regularly help businesses improve their recycling systems which reduces costs to business of waste removal services as well as saving the planet. Depending on your area, you be paid to save money so it’s well worth investigating the options available.

5. Attract the green pound

Eco-friendly products and services are in high demand as businesses and individuals strive to lead a more sustainable, natural life. Don’t be shy about letting your clients know that you’ve reduced energy use, switched to Fair Trade, or installed solar panels on your building. Businesses which are a positive force in their community and show a willingness to pull together on issues which affect everyone, such as climate change, are very attractive to customers.