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Brexit – We are ready

The effects of Brexit will be felt far and wide and across the border. As a business that is classed in the ‘at the border exposure sector’, concerned primarily with disruptions to supply chains, exchange rates and any introduction of duties that may impact any service delivery, it is important for us to be proactive rather than reactive in our planning and logistical management.

We are constantly reviewing our company ‘Business Risk Register’ which enables us to identify and prepare for any major impact that may affect the company and our service delivery.

With regards to how our workforce could be effected, all our HQ personnel are UK residents, the majority of our workforce are also UK residents and those who are part of the EU have been in the UK for a long period. Although we anticipate an impact on the supply and the cost of labour due to supply and demand pressures; in line with our risk register assessment, we have already increased the hourly rate of our existing work force above the minimum and industry standard pay guidelines.

To help us manage our supplies division, we are in constant discussion with our major suppliers, most of whom have been our partners for over 15 years. They, like us, are awaiting possible fall outs of any eventual agreement. We have already agreed prices with our major suppliers, which are fixed for a six-month period and will be reviewed on a regular basis. Due to our long-standing relationships with our suppliers, we will be able to give our clients enough notice should the cost of materials and machinery be impacted by any additional duty or manufacturing costs.

We do not foresee any major impact on our Service delivery lead times as these are mostly planned works and any emergency works undertaken, are done so by our mobile teams. Purchases of supplies, machinery, stationery etc. from our core range will be normal as these are mainly stock items and we will adjust our stock holding accordingly. Purchases of special items may incur a delay depending on the origin or makeup of these items. We will continually keep the client informed as to lead times and would advise that special items be purchased on separate works orders to avoid delivery delay of core products.

To ensure we continue to be able to provide the highest level of service, we have decided to invest heavily in our staff. As an Investors In People Gold Company, we feel it is our duty to educate, help and develop our staff, ensuring we remain a low staff turnover company and continue to be an attractive employer to future employees. 

As part of our continuing investment in our staff, we have introduced a City & Guilds approved online training programme that all our service personnel must undertake, with development levels and individual award structures to encourage continuous personal development.

Using our 30 years of trading experience and after many discussions with our industry partners, we are ready and prepared for the outcome of Brexit, whatever that may be.