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LED’s – Why Make The Change?


From Emergency lighting to sensor-timed car park fittings, there is no limit on the growing advancement in LED lighting. Over the past few months, we have seen an increase in the demand for LED upgrades with several developments requesting our help to make the transition.

We completed a full fitting at Cascades Tower in the prestigious Docklands area. Initially tasked with converting all the interior emergency lighting, we were asked to continue the upgrade to all communal areas, including the car park and exterior wall lighting.

But why should you change to LED?

This was the question posed to us by property managers at both Switch House and Woodberry Downs. After our free site survey, we sat down with them both respectively and showed the projected saving on energy bills, from an upgrade.

The number one advantage to LED’s is that they are long lasting. With minimal UV Emissions and heat output, they don’t burn out over time like halogens or incandescents, or lose any brightness meaning they are long lasting. This was a key factor in the decision to upgrade the lighting for the work we carried out at Switch House. The durability of these products leads to lower maintenance costs i.e. reducing the number of repairs and replacements.

With regards to Woodberry Downs, it was the small size and flexibility with the designs and arrangements of LED lights that appealed to them. With lots of tight corners and paneled ceilings we installed spot lights rather than tubes, leaving them with a brighter and cleaner look to their building.

LED lights use approximately 50 percent less electricity than conventional options, resulting in substantial energy cost savings. They permit light to be aimed in a specific direction unlike traditional bulbs, which emit light and heat in all directions;  this ensures LED’s offer optimal efficiency.